Tibetian Rites

Tibetan Rejuvenation exercise #1

1. Stand upright.

2. extend your arms at shoulder level away from your body.

3. spin slowly clockwise.

4. Breath normally.

5. In the beginning turn 5 times and slowly increase up to 21 times.

Tibetan Rejuvenation exercise #2

1. Lay down on your back.

2. Put your arms to your side, palms up, keep your legs straight, begin your inhalation.

3. While inhaling, raise your legs off the ground until as high as possible.

4. Raise your head off the ground, bending your neck with your chin falling toward your chest.

5. While exhaling return to laying flat on the ground, as in step 2.

6. In the beginning do 5 times and slowly increase up to 21 times

Tips: When starting out, bend your legs as much you are comfortable. If your feel discomfort, place your hands (palms facing down) under your buttocks to support your lower spine. As you progress, straighten your legs and try to raise and lower them at the same speed. Once you have worked up to 21 repetitions, try to move at a nice steady rhythm without stopping.

For the remaining Tibetian Rejuvenation Exercises, please review the Yoga Manual, by clicking the link below.

Yoga Manual